Villa Magdalen
A stunning holiday villa on the Black Sea.  

About Bulgaria Villa Rental Holidays

Villa Magdalen is a luxury holiday villa rental near Balchik in Bulgaria with stunning sea views, a pool and air-conditioning.  Sleeps 10.


about bulgaria

The Bulgarian Black Sea coast has only just started to be discovered as a brilliant holiday destination, thanks to its beautiful coastline with golden beaches, little seaside villages and splendid scenery. It boasts a lively local culture and folklore, and a sunny climate from May through October that equals the warm summers in the popular holiday resorts of Greece and Turkey. A comparison with the early days of tourism in Spain, before it was discovered by the masses, can easily be made. 

The Bulgarian Black Sea Riviera covers the entire eastern bound of Bulgaria stretching from the Romanian Black Sea Riviera in the north to European Turkey in the south. White and golden sandy beaches form approximately 130 km of the 378 km long coastline. The coastal area has always been an important centre of tourism within the wider region and is now attracting more and more foreign tourists as well. Prior to 1989, the Bulgarian Black Sea coast was internationally known as the Red Riviera. Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, however, its nickname has been changed to Bulgarian Riviera.

The Balkan Mountains cross the country, reaching to the edge of the Black Sea at Cape Emine, dividing the coastline into a southern and northern part. Parts of Bulgaria's northern Black Sea Coast feature rocky headlands where the sea abuts cliffs up to 70 metres in height. The southern coast is known for its wide sandy beaches, many of them awarded the Blue Flag distinction, with a calm and safe sea, shallow sloping sandy bottom, fine grain golden sands, clear water, natural dunes and healthy air. The coastline is adorned by venerable forest and numerous mineral springs, holiday villages and campsites. 

The two largest cities and main seaports on the Bulgarian Riviera are Varna (third largest city in Bulgaria) and Burgas (fourth largest city in the country). Varna is located on the northern part of the coast line and Burgas is located on the southern part. The international airports Varna Airport and Burgas Airport are the main hubs servicing the region. In addition, the A1 and A2 motorways will make the trip from the capital Sofia to the coast substantially easier and faster, while the A3 is planned to connect Varna and Burgas.


useful information

  • Remember to drive on the right hand side of the road.
  • Bulgarians have a funny habit of shaking their heads when they really mean yes!
  • Bulgarian roads can be bumpy. This also applies to the last bit of the road to Villa Magdalen, where extreme sports cars might get in trouble!
  • Bulgaria is still very cheap (shopping, excursions, bars and restaurants).
  • Restaurants are very good value for money and tipping is normal at around 10%.
  • Bulgarian produces good local wines, especially the TCHERGA.
  • The majority of Bulgarians observe the Christian traditions and more than half identify themselves with Orthodox Christianity.
  • Local taxi firms are reliable, phone numbers available in the villa.
  • If you would like to hire a cook during your stay, it can be arranged (ask us in good time!).
  • WiFi in public spaces, even parcs and beaches, is widely available in Bulgaria.
  • There are plenty of cash machines in Balchik.
  • There is a hospital in Balchik.