Villa Magdalen
A stunning holiday villa on the Black Sea.  



BOOK 2020 for 2019-PRICES

Get a head start and avoid disappointment with an early booking for Summer 2020.
In January 2019, our main season for 2019 (end of June until early September) was already fully booked, so you have to be early if you want to book for July or August. And right now booking early will bring you the advantage that you will be ahead of our price review for 2020. Because, obviously, another price rise can not be avoided, with 2019 booked so well, and prices in Bulgaria (still a lot cheaper but) slowly catching up with the more common holiday destinations such as Spain and Greece. We will update our prices for 2020 and re-programm the click-and-book schedule as soon as we have finished our 2019 season, but for the time being we simply copied our 2019 schedule to open the 2020 booking schedule. Take advantage and book 2020 for 2019-prices and with a limited deposit!


GOOD TO KNOW WHEN Booking accommodation and flightS

When you decide to book the villa, you probably want to book your flights simultaneously. And we know how daunting it can be to decide which 'book now' button you should hit first, when you have to match flights and accommodation.
Don't worry, you can safely book the villa first and we will keep your reservation saved for you for 24 hours, without any obligation. We will send the terms & conditions with our WELCOME email, or you can look them up by clicking here