Villa Magdalen
A stunning holiday villa on the Black Sea.  
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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions Villa Magdalen 2019


Terms & conditions


With any booking of holiday accommodation, inevitably, comes the chapter of accepting the Terms & Conditions. And it is more than just a box you need to tick in order to send the form through. It outlines what you can reasonably expect and what not.   

As a private villa owner, we simply adopted the Terms & Conditions widely used in the travel industry, but adjusted them where applicable. Because, actually, we do not always like what we read. Most 'Terms & Conditions' are just an endless list of excuses and nothing more than a disclaimer for everything that might go wrong. Actually, the Terms & Conditions of large travel organisations that rent out hundreds of apartments, can read like a horror story, listing all the misery you 'possibly' could endure and 'must' accept as integral part of your booking. From beds that don't fit tall people to kitchen utensils that are not up to your 'at-home-standards' or are ‘not common’ at your destination. 

Well, that's not us. We cannot resurface bumpy roads in Bulgaria, but we do know that in and at Villa Magdalen everything is exactly as described and up to high standards. The British owners of the villa would not settle for less when they themselves spend their holidays at Villa Magdalen. 


So we stripped back these T&C's and kept only the bare minimum, such as the usual Terms & Conditions for payments and to describe what happens should you cancel. Please have a read, and do not hesitate to come back to us if there is anything that you do would like to discuss first. 


We will confirm the availability of Villa Magdalen for your chosen dates as soon as your bookings request is received. Usually you will receive this response within one or two hours (but this will depend on the time of the day/night). The email will confirm the price for your intended stay and any applicable discounts, as published on our website.

When you book online on our website, you will automatically receive the confirmation of your booking and login details to access your reservation to make a payment. If you made a payment instantly when you booked online, then you will also receive a confirmation of your payment and you are all set!    

We can keep the villa reserved for you for 24 hours (counted from confirming availability to you, or counting from your online booking) without receiving payment. This is a gesture, courtesy of Villa Magdalen, to make it safer for you if you want to book flights and stay simultaneously. You now can book flights (what usually involves instant non-refundable payment online), in the certainty the villa is yours. Should you run into any trouble with the flight bookings, then you can notify us that you will not proceed with your reservation. 


When you book online, or ask us to do enter the reservation for you, you will receive the confirmation of your provisional reservation with an overview of the costs (e.g. if you added transportation from the airport) and an email with a link and access details to make a payment. The invoice will indicate the amount of your deposit (30% of the total amount) and will indicate when we will send you the invoice for further payment (due 8 weeks before arrival).
After 24 hours, payment of your deposit (or the full balance if your arrival is within 8 weeks) is required to keep your reservation. Your payment will turn your provisional reservation into a confirmed reservation. You now have a binding short-term holiday rental agreement, that gives you the certainty that we cannot cancel your booking (UNLIKE e.g. a booking on Airbnb, where owners can change their mind if they like, we are legally bound to honour the reservation).   

If we do not receive your deposit within 24 hours, we will contact you to sort things out, but we reserve the right to accept bookings from other clients for your chosen dates and cancel your reservation if we do not receive payment.   

The full amount of your reservation needs to be paid 8 weeks before your date of arrival at the villa. You will receive a reminder with the link to make your payment. Our online payment system also allows you to make payments whenever it suits you, to an amount you can choose, in the time between your first payment and the due date of your final payment. This way you can spread the costs if you prefer. If we do not receive full payment on or before the balance due date, 8 weeks prior to your arrival date, we will consider it a cancellation, in which case the Terms and Conditions regarding cancellations will apply. 


You can cancel your booking request without any obligation within the first 24 hours after you receive the confirmation of your provisional reservation.  

This 24-hour grace period is a unique gesture of Villa Magdalen, to make organising your holiday easier. After these 24 hours, and unless you notify us otherwise, you have formally made your reservation and entered a short-term rental agreement to rent holiday accommodation.  

•        If you cancel your reservation after our grace period of 24 hours has passed, we must charge you an administration fee of €50.

•        If you confirmed your reservation with your deposit and cancel more than 8 weeks before your planned arrival date, you will lose your deposit. 

•        If you cancel your reservation less than 8 weeks but more than 2 weeks before your planned arrival date, you will be liable to pay 70% of the total rental rate. 

•        If you cancel your reservation less than 2 weeks before arrival, you will have to pay the full amount of the rental agreement. 

Of course, we will always be helpful if any unforeseen events prevent you from going on a holiday, and e.g. we will accept a 'swop' if you can find another family to take your place, and they formally accept the reservation. Please note that travel insurance covers the risk of unforeseen cancellations. We strongly advise to always take travel insurance immediately when you make your reservation and not leave this until your holiday is close. It will cost you nothing extra to do this in an early stage, and it protects you from losing your money  in case unforeseen events prevent you from travelling.


We strongly recommend taking out travel insurance as soon as you book your holiday. It not only covers your expenses should accidents, injuries or loss of possessions happen while you are on your holiday, but the insurance also covers you when you have to cancel your booking (or curtail your holiday) due to unexpected events (but not if you just change your mind). That way, an unhappy event does not additionally cost you your holiday money. Usually, the insurance covers the loss of your payment in case you can not reach your destination because of extreme weather conditions and road closures, or when you have to cancel your holiday due to injury or illness/hospitalisation (of you or a close relative), bereavement, redundancy or other disasters in your life (like your house being flooded, e.g.).

Travel insurance comes in all shapes and qualities with different rules, conditions and prices, so check what is covered and what isn’t. Travel insurance is widely available online or with your own financial advisers. You will find up-to-date tips on where to look on comparison websites such as

Please note: we will always apply our Terms & Conditions for cancellations, no matter what your reason for cancellation is. It is your own responsibility to protect yourself by taking insurance, preferably as soon as you have made your reservation.


It is your own responsibility that you travel with the right travel documents. If you are a British citizen, or a citizen of any other EU country, you will only need a valid passport, because Bulgaria is a member of the EU, just like the UK at this moment. But if your situation differs, or if the situation changes after Brexit, or if you are in any doubt, please check the information from the Bulgarian Department for Tourism and (UK citizens) the UK government website regarding travel information for Bulgaria. Villa Magdalen cannot take any responsibility for your travel documents, whether you hold an EU passport, a UK passport, or are in a different situation. 


The villa will be ready for your arrival from 15.00 pm. If you arrive too early at the villa, and cleaning is still in progress, you can leave your luggage at the premises, so you can go out and explore, or have lunch, and return after 15.00 pm. Shortly before you travel, we will make sure that you can get in touch with the villa manager about your arrival time, so she can welcome you to the villa. On your departure day we will have to ask you to leave by 11.00 am, so the villa can be prepared for the next guests. The villa manager will arrange a suitable time with you to check you out.  


The villa can take a maximum of 10 guests, children included. There are 4 bedrooms, sleeping 8 people in total, and 2 additional sleeping sofas in the living room. On request, it is possible to stay with 12 people if you also convert the sleeping sofa in the master bedroom into 2 extra sleeping spaces. We only allow 12 people if this has been previously discussed with us, and will only allow this for families. And please be aware that - for example - you will have to share only 8 luxury sunbeds at the pool, because because most of the inventory at the villa is calculated for 8-10 people. 


You will have to pay a damage deposit that will be returned immediately if you leave the villa in good order. You can choose to pay it in cash (in Euros) to the villa manager when you arrive, and she will hand it back to you on check-out. Another possibility is to pay it through Paypal just before your holiday, and we will return it on your departure day (or on Monday if you leave on a weekend day), as soon as we receive the message from the villa manager that everything is okay. The amount for the damage deposit is £300 or €350.  


Although the villa will be cleaned by a professional team as soon as you leave, we still expect you to tidy up and leave the villa in good order, without the dirty dishes still in the sink or the sun loungers all over the gardens. You are expected to put things back where you found them, empty the dishwasher, clean the bbq after use, and put the garbage in the garbage disposal (and we advise to do this regularly during your stay too, not leaving it in the bins for more than a day or two in the hot climate). If you stay two weeks or longer, the villa will be cleaned after every week of your stay. 


Bed linen, bath towels and kitchen towels will be provided for the number of guests in your reservation. We will also provide towels to be used at the pool and with the sun loungers (please leave the white bathroom towels indoors and use the pool towels outside). If you stay two weeks or longer, your towels and linen will be changed after every week of your stay. 


Please allow the gardener and pool maintenance to enter the premises to do their job. They are very discreet and unobtrusive and will do their duties with minimal interference to your holiday pleasures. Please note that a lawn in the hot summers of Bulgaria will not be the perfect 'English lawn'. Please be aware that unusual weather conditions can make a pool temporarily appear cloudy, even when properly maintained. This does not affect the water quality or safety. 


Your villa manager will assist you throughout your stay and leave a mobile number. Please note that you should not use that number during night time (22.00 pm-07.00 am) unless you have an emergency. 

Please report any damage, any appliance not working properly, or any other problem with the facilities to the villa manager, even if it does not bother you (but it might be important to the next guests), so it can be repaired or exchanged as soon as possible. 


In the unlikely event that anything during your stay at the villa is not to your satisfaction and not as it was described, you should as soon as possible contact your local villa manager and our bookings manager in the UK (email to and allow us to rectify, repair or supply replacement within reasonable time. If you fail to inform us, or deny us the possibility to correct the situation, you lose any possible right to compensation. Any disputes will be reviewed under English law. 


For any other issues or events not mentioned in our Terms and Conditions, we will adhere to the customs, regulations and trading standards that are predominantly used in the travel industry in general and for villa rental in particular.